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Cornwall Cottage

For the ultimate island escape in Barbados head to the ruggedly beautiful east coast of the island, where a tranquil vacation away from the crowds awaits.

Perched on a hill with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean is Cornwall Cottage. This 3-bedroom cottage is very spacious with plenty of room for each of you to enjoy your privacy. The cottage is well furnished with all the essentials for a self-catering vacation including full kitchen, washing machine and dryer.

Much of your time will probably to spent enjoying the outdoor space. The large patio offers a splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean and coastline, and is a wonderful place to relax, read, and simply enjoy the view and refreshing island breezes. Two acres of tropically landscaped gardens surrounding the cottage invite you to stroll and savor nature's beauty. Beat the tropical heat with a dip in the outdoor swimming pool, and enjoy alfresco dining in the poolside gazebo.

The beach is just a few minutes stroll away. Here you can enjoy refreshing sea baths in ocean pools and beach walks along the endless shore. A short walk south takes you to the Soup Bowl in the Bathsheba seaside village, which is famous for its excellent surfing conditions. The area is also well suited for hiking

Several excellent restaurants, ranging from casual to exquisite, are located just a few minutes drive from the cottage.

If you're looking for nightlife and lively beach clubs, then this is definitely not the place for you. But if you wish a tranquil retreat and a place to truly relax then Cornwall Cottage is the perfect match.

Property Character

Here's our expert view on the personality of this accommodation:

  • sensible-practical
  • subtle-refined
  • charming
  • gentle-quiet
  • serene-soulful
  • comfortable-homey
  • rustic
  • creative-artistic
  • esthetic-spiritual
  • family-oriented
  • romantic-dreamy
  • casual-relaxed
  • natural-unpretentious

Property Facilities & Features

What this accommodation offers to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable:

  • kitchen
  • air conditioning
  • beach nearby
  • beach-view
  • kitchen
  • parking
  • swimming pool
  • television
  • watersports
  • watersports nearby
  • bayview
  • countryinn
  • hike
  • milesofbeach
  • surfing
  • wireless access
  • three bedroom


Cornwall Cottage is located in the parish of St.Joseph in the east of Barbados.
Distance to international airport: 16 km / 9.9 miles
Distance to capital city (Bridgetown): 16 km / 9.9 miles

Beaches Nearby

Bathsheba - See the dramatic landscape and coastline of this rugged coast.

Cattlewash - Amazing scenery and fresh breezes can be found at Cattlewash, where the Atlantic Ocean breaks on the shore.

Tent Bay - This picturesque bay, on the east coast is home to a small fishing village and market.

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