Barbados Beach Holidays and Vacations

As a tropical island, Barbados is home to many beautiful beaches but you may be surprised at the diversity of the seashores and waterfronts around the island.

Tranquil beach on the west coast of Barbados

Tranquil West

Lively waves at a south coast beach in Barbados

Lively South

Ruggedly beautiful beach on the eastern coast of Barbados

Rugged East

Cliffs and seas off the northern coastline of Barbados

Craggy North

Looking for calm waters and soft golden sands? Then stay on the west coast of the island. Here turquoise waters gently lap the shores. Enjoy beach walks and water sports activities such as gentle kayaking, jet skiing, hobie cat sailing, and water skiing. Snorkel reefs, explore a shipwreck, and swim with sea turtles. The west coast is an excellent choice for families with small children, more mature visitors, and those seeking a tranquil beach holiday.

Want more lively waves? Then the south coast beaches are the place to be. The seas here are still gentle enough for swimming and snorkeling, but as you travel further south the waves become more vigorous creating wonderful conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, kayaking and boogie boarding. Families with older children and all guests seeking a lively beach vacation will love this coast.

The eastern coastline is pounded by the mighty waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the surfers love challenging themselves at the Soup Bowl in Bathsheba village. It's an area of rugged beauty with endless beaches that invite you to stroll, take a dip in natural ocean pools, and comb the shores for beautiful seashells. Stay on this coast if you're seeking an escape away from the crowds.

As you head further north, you'll love the impressive towering cliffs and secluded bays. Cliff top walks are truly invigorating but sea bathing here is risky due to the strong currents and waves. Rounding the northern-most point of the island and heading down the north-west coast you'll see a change in the character of the beaches as waves become calmer and more suitable for swimming. Most accommodation in the north is located on this calmer north-west coast and is a good selection for those seeking a quieter beach vacation.

The good news is that Barbados is a small island, just 166 sq. miles, so even if you're staying on one coast you can easily travel to the other coasts to enjoy the full beach vacation experience.

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