Escape To The East, Barbados

Escape To The East Barbados for the perfect invigorating getaway! The east coast of Barbados offers a completely different experience to the refined west and lively south coasts which are the main tourist hotspots on the island. Here you'll find endless stretches of beach, pounding surf, entrancing seascapes, and accommodation that ranges from rustic chic to luxurious.

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An Invigorating and Utterly Unique Getaway

It may seem strange to say that place is invigorating and an escape, but that is what the east coast of Barbados is. It is unlike any other part of Barbados or for that matter the world. It’s invigorating largely because of its unique geology facing into the roaring Atlantic ocean crashing into a rugged coast after 4000 miles of rolling seas. Breaking onto Bathesheba's shores the surf is swept along with steady strong winds that blow your cares away and kiss your face with its salty tears.

It is in every sense a getaway. To a time and place unlike any other. Here life unfolds in its tiny fishing villages and hideaways in forbidden places. Where men as rugged as the rock roll out to sea in tiny wooden fishing boats and surfers ride the waves.

This is a wonderful base for a hiking vacation, as you can explore the old train line along the coast or enjoy challenging hilly hikes to the towering peaks overlooking the coast. Fodor's Travel recommends hiking as one of the 25 Ultimate Things to Do in Barbados!

Escape to the East in Bathsheba

The center of gravity here is Bathsheba, the greater surrounding area of which we say stretches from Cattlewash and the vast sand dunes in the north to Tent Bay fishing village in the south.

Panoramic view of the east coast of Barbados showing lush hills and rolling waves

In the center is Bathsheba village, home to the famous soup bowl where international surfing competitions are held in a fierce ocean white with foam. It is said to be named after Bathsheba, the wife of King David, who is thought to have bathed in milk to keep her skin fair and soft, nourished with the minerals of milk. For years people have flocked to Bathsheba for its healing qualities and bathed in the unique mineral rich salt water pools carved by sea, wind and tides out of the coral rock. …… WARNING DON’T SWIM HERE.

Scotland District short listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site

The East coast landscape has been compared to Scotland and a whole section is referred to as the Scotland District: Seeming to resemble that land with its rugged terrain and its amazing array of rock formations. It is short listed as a UNESCO world heritage site for its unique geological features, including chalk mountains, sand dunes, mud diapirs and Mount Hillaby, the highest elevation in Barbados. In parts it is covered with a dense, jungle-like vegetation, quite unlike the rest of the island.

It is the summit of a long undersea mountain range extending from Trinidad to about Puerto Rico. The Scotland District is the only location in the entire Caribbean where this mountain range is above water. The rocks here are 30 to 50 million years old folded and faulted in complex and majestic ways.

Life at its own Pace

Life unwinds here at it own pace, unhurried by time or convention, and with its own flair of culture, and rustic charm. Always rising to the occasion to tempt you with exotic meals and music under the stars; and its hideaways, like the Sea-U Chattel House style wooden cottages. The cottages, some with mahogany 4 poster beds and soft cotton nets flowing in a constant breeze, are tucked into the cliff top gardens above the ocean, with hammocks strung between the coconut trees.

Just next door is the famous Atlantis Hotel, the residence of artists like George Lamming author of “In the Castle of My Skin” and many visiting poets, writers and artist who come here for inspiration and escape.

Even if you are a die hard west coaster, or south shore repeat visitor – make time for an overnight stay and get up early to see the sun rise in the East and touch these sacred shores.

Travelers who love to “Escape to the East Barbados” are: artisans, avant-garde, architects, scholars, evolutionary, authentic personalities who enjoy intrigue and mystique (secret weapons). Barbados is the first destination to include PersonaHolidays personality based travel planning. The PersonaHolidays expert team assesses every hotel and accommodation property based on psychological travel personality attributes (matchwords). It matches travelers with hotels that best suit their unique travel persona derived from their search and choice patterns.

Looking along the beach with white sands, blue skies, hills on the left and waves crashing onto the shore on the right.

Personality Matching Recommendations

The PersonaHolidays Recommendation engine matches personalities with hotels. It does this by first fully understanding the accommodation hosts and their properties. Each is profiled along several personality dimensions. The PersonaHolidays app tracks visitors through the site carefully interpreting the nuances of their choices so that it can match them up with the right hotel, inn, villa or apartment based on a good personality match.

Atlantis for the Avant-Garde

If you are a bit Avant-Garde and like a degree of elegance and substance in your rustic chic accommodation, Persona holidays will recommend the Atlantis Hotel.

Atlantis is a substantive and impressive old world coral rock and brick building ordained with historic art of the old days railroads and families on its coral walls.

The décor is contemporary with comfortable sofas in soft Caribbean tones. Nothing loud and all very elegant. It is a full service hotel with excellent dining in its breezy open air restaurants overlooking the ocean. It is perfect for the Avant Guard traveler who like the rustic authentic touch.

It offers hotel rooms and a two bedroom apartment all with coastal views or ocean front.

Luxurious room at Atlantis Hotel with four poster bed and view of the ocean

ECO Lifestyle Lodge for the Artisan

Next door to Atlantis is the ECO Lifestyle Lodge. Its personality is the Artisan. Smaller, quaint and build in wood it has a charm of being organically rustic with a touch of class.

The style is similar to the chattel house in its attention to detail and proportion, with traditional louvered doors and windows, and all in wood. Some of the rooms feature mahogany four poster king size beds. The rooms, suites and apartments are furnished with Rattan chairs, locally hand-crafted clay lamps, batik art and décor pieces. All have a cozy ambiance in artisan style.

This a small guest house B&B with breakfast served in the intimate restaurant located in the gazebo next to the main building. Open to the breeze but covered by a roof of wooden shingles, the hotel restaurant allows you to enjoy the ocean view while being protected from the elements. Full bar amenities are available.

There are 3 one bedroom apartments and four rooms, suites or studios.

Bedroom at Eco Lifestyle Lodge with ocean view,

Round House Inn for the Budget Rustic

With only 4 rooms this is a small inn with a big hearty restaurant right on the famous Soup Bowl surfing spot. It’s a favorite spot to stop off for lunch and dinner, and often has music and dancing. It is a fun spot without fanfare much loved by surfers who surf just minutes away. here you can site on the veranda and see the surfers ride the waves at the soup bowl.

It is a historic building dating back to the 1800’s. The room decor is Caribbean, 50ish in style, with some plantation style antiques.

All rooms have a private bathroom. Room 4 has a king size bed and sitting area. Room one is a single bed – all others are queen beds.

It is casual, rustic and affordable.

Bedroom at Round House Inn

Santosha Soulful Mystique

For those who are looking for something more with a bit of mystique and slightly more off the beaten track, PersonaHolidays would happily recommend Santosha. It’s not directly on the ocean, just a short distance away, up the windy hill near Chalky Mount.

It has well appointed studio rooms and a one bedroom apartment with amazing views. In the personality branding exercise this resort ranked as high in mystique and innovation. People who are seeking a different rustic will like this. It appeals to the unassuming and independent, and those who like a quiet and peaceful escape.

It’s a contemporary design in excellent taste and suited to the soulful connoisseur of rustic.

View of living area at Santosha with lovely view through the window

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