Holidays Exclusivelyours – Behaviour Responsive Visual Holiday Planning

The Problem & Solution:

Travel shopping is shifting away from information and abundant choice to emotional connection and trusted advice. The new advertising is 3rd party reviews and the new travel planning is visual with behavior responsive intelligence that matches travelers with the perfect choice.

In the digital age, where everyone is a publisher and all have a voice, we are bombarded with information. Travelers have too many choices and the conventional sales funnels are not helping. At the same time in the age of information overload, travelers do not have time to read pages of brochures and information. They need instant cognition in the form of highly relevant images and short headlines. This takes insight and skill to interpret, conceptualize, organize, and present. The solution is the new visual information systems, like visual travel planning and other styles modeled after Pinterest and Instagram where image matters most. This sort of image professionalism in tourism was pioneered by Leonardo and is now used extensively in the images-based digital media.

The next aspect of the solution is personalization. Travel planning systems and websites lack behavior responsive technology, expert systems and profiling that matches people with the experience and character of the place. Personality takes center stage. The combination of system and strategies is what we call Holidays-Exclusivelyours -Behaviour Responsive Visual Holiday Planning.

49 Personality Characteristics

With 49 Personality Archetypes, in addition to various combination of those as well as all the typical hotel features, there are simply hundreds of ways that hotels and travelers can be matched. The system relies on simplicity with navigation reduced to just 3 options – stay, plan and discover.

When you choose “stay” you instantly see a Pinterest style carousel of intelligently selected properties. As you click on options, such as, location, budget, lodging type and features, the screen instantly re configures to your choice interactively and visually.

Each Click Interpreted

Behind the scenes each click is associated with traits and each choice is interpreted on a psychological level and verified with subsequent selections. All this information is analyzed to build a unique profile of you the shopper.

This personality profile is important because every hotel, apartment, villa and resort is classified according to its personality and style. And that is where local knowledge comes in. The team that built the system, the booking engine and the technology are all Bajans and they know every manager and the character of each hotel.

You can imagine the matchmaking possibilities. Each user gets a match based on their own individual likes, aided by the expert system that actually learns what you like from what you choose. It translates that into the personality traits of the hotel you may most likely stay in.

To give a taste of how this works the team has come up with 6 categories of users, which they call the sophisticats. These are: the AristoCat, the indiCat, the PractiCat, the CasualCat, the RustiCat and the FrugalCat. These Cats are just 6 of the endless possibilities. You can see the results in the pages that follow.

The Result

The solution is the first ever visual behavior responsive travel planning system for tourism that profiles users and matches them up with specific properties of similar character. In our test of just the visual planning elements we saw engagement increase by 500% and conversion jump 300%.

Now with the new personalization based on shoppers dynamically created profiles, we expect higher conversion and traveler engagement.

Who Will Benefit

The new system will have significant benefit to travel destinations, hotel and tourism associations and hotel chains.

It will help travelers seeking more personal and responsive holiday experiences.

It provides hotels, resorts and tourism operators with new channels to market and a new way to position themselves.

First Application:

This is the technology that powers the visual matchmaker you see on this site.

It is a set of intelligent applications that match behavior and learns from experience. It is the first ever visual behavior responsive travel planning system for tourism that actually profiles users and matches them up with the specific accommodation of similar character. This intelligent learning system relies on detailed local knowledge to hand craft and build the expert system that creates the right match between traveler, places to stay and things to do.

Expert System & Persona Travel Planning Technology

The project to create more meaningful, authentic and personal holiday planning system has led to the creation of an entire range of products in the Persona Holidays Travel and Vacations line. is a product that is in startup phase now and is already integrated into Plans are underway to make this an internationally available solution for all destinations and all hotel and tourism suppliers.